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Caring For Your Christmas Wreath

Protecting your wreath:
If you are able to display your wreath in a sheltered area, such as a porch, this is ideal as your wreath will be more protected from the elements. If your front door is quite exposed and particularly harsh weather is expected, you may wish to move your wreath somewhere safe until the worst of the weather has passed.

Maintaining your wreath:
Your wreath is made to be long-lasting and will age gracefully, but for prolonged freshness you can keep your wreath hydrated by spraying the moss base and green foliage with water once a week. Take care to avoid spraying dried material such as fruits and seed heads as these should remain as dry as possible.

Post-Christmas care of your wreath:
When the time comes to thinking about taking your wreath down, here are a few suggestions:

1. Leave it up - your wreath doesn’t have to be just for Christmas.
2. Relocate it - display your wreath on the garage door, the shed door, the old wall, hang it for the birds...
3. Reuse and Recycle - all elements of my wreaths are either compostable or reusable.
To home-compost or for garden waste recycling:
•    Remove all wired elements first – these will include pinecones, dried fruits, cinnamon sticks and the more delicate ingredients.
•    Keep the pinecones/cinnamon sticks for next year or remove the wires and enjoy them as they are.
•    Remove all wire from dried fruits and fresh material (wires can be reused for wreath making next year).
•    If your wreath has a ribbon, pop it in the ribbon drawer for a rainy day.
•    Remove all remaining natural material from the wreath and place in your compost/garden recycling.
•    The natural jute twine holding your wreath together is fully compostable.
•    Once all materials have been removed you will be left with your fresh moss base.
4. Your mossed wreath base:
•    Leave your moss base to dry out and then store somewhere dry - you can then use it to create a beautiful wreath another time.
•   OR remove all the moss from the willow frame and pop it in the garden - it came from the ground so return it to nature. The willow frame can also be reused in the garden or as a wreath base in it’s own right. Both elements can be composted or placed in your garden recycling.

Enjoy your wreath:
This is the most important part!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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