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Welcome to  Entwine Floral Design  

~ Wild, Natural, Textured Florals ~

I'm Natalie,

Floral Designer, Flower Grower and founder of Entwine Floral Design.

I provide wild, natural, textured floral design inspired by the garden, the countryside and the seasons.

I offer naturally beautiful flowers, packed to the brim with personality and soul, for the Home, for Weddings and for Farewells.

I lovingly grow flowers for cutting and create charming, meaningful, seasonal arrangements that celebrate homegrown, locally grown, British flowers and foliage.

Garden-inspired floristry, with meaning.

Based in Plaistow, West Sussex, I cover locations within Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire.


The Power of Flowers

Flowers are truly delightful.

They can convey a moment, a feeling, or a memory.

They can brighten up a bad day and can make a significant day even more special.

They can bring joy, celebrate life and offer comfort.

I design flowers for happiness, flowers for love and flowers for the heart.

I appreciate every petal, every pigment, every scent, every bloom, every stage of a flower's life cycle, embracing the beauty of the seasons to capture a snapshot in time.

There is so much to learn from the natural beauty of flowers.


Proud Member Of 

Flowers From The Farm 

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