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About Natalie

​I love wild and weaving blooms and greenery, the abundance of colour found in beautiful cottage gardens and the enchanting wonder of summer wildflower meadows.

Flowers make me happy - seeing them, smelling them, celebrating them, arranging them.

Flowers relax me -they are good for the soul.

Flowers teach me new skills - how to grow them, how to look after them, how to work with them, how to appreciate them.

Flowers are just delightful - they bring me joy, a positive outlook and they help me follow my dreams.

Little pots of flowers on a sideboard and a jug of garden flowers on a windowsill...

Scented greenery trailing down a staircase and luscious florals cascading over a mantelpiece...

Wonderfully wild bouquets and enchanting little buttonholes...

Flowers in the wild, flowers in the woodland, flowers in the garden...

I'm inspired by nature and the way plants weave and entwine.
I'm inspired by the garden, the countryside, wildflower meadows.
I'm inspired by the seasons and the flowers I grow.

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About  Entwine Floral Design  

In 2019 I made the decision to embrace my love of flowers and feed my creativity.

I started my own floristry business; designing and creating beautiful floral arrangements that celebrate flowers, capture the feelings flowers bring to a special moment in time and reflect the love that flowers symbolise.

During one warm summer evening stroll, through an abundance of wild and weaving rambling roses entwined with the hedgerow and canopy above, I was inspired. This was the moment Entwine Floral Design emerged.

During 2020 I began growing flowers beyond the garden, creating The Flower Patch at our allotment.

Planting exciting new varieties of spring bulbs, fabulous perennials and sowing array of cottage-garden and wildflower seeds filled me with joy. The spirit of Entwine Floral Design was evolving...


British, Homegrown, Seasonal flowers and ingredients are the heart and soul of Entwine Floral Design.

Having moved to a wonderful new home in West Sussex in 2024, I now have a beautiful large and established garden to enjoy and experiment with. With so much to discover within the garden and space to grow flowers on my doorstop, the next exciting chapter is here!


Join me...

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The Flower Ethos

Garden-inspired floristry, with meaning.

My arrangements and the flowers I grow are inspired by nature, the countryside and the garden.

My designs reflect my inspirations.

I embrace the seasons, lovingly cultivate the flower patch and the garden, and support other local growers and British flower farms.

The sense of fulfilment working with my homegrown stems is truly wonderful.

I use sustainable floristry methods to create my arrangements and I work with products that are reusable, recyclable or compostable. I grow my flowers in ways that are kind to the environment.

There is so much to learn from the natural beauty of flowers.

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The Flower Prologue

Our wedding day...

When my husband and I married we wanted to design and create our own wedding flowers.

We visualised flowers everywhere.

A mixture of everything we loved, in the styles we loved.


We made this happen.

It was a family collaboration and it was very special.

The flowers were everything we hoped for.

We had the freedom to design exactly what we wanted for our special day and it was liberating.


Our wedding flowers inspired me to follow my love for floral design.

Our wedding day instigated a desire in me to capture the truly wonderful feeling that flowers offer.

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