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Caring For Your Flowers

Bouquets, Bunches and Posies

To keep your flowers looking beautiful:

  • Gently unwrap your flowers and handle them with care.

  • Fill a clean vase with fresh water. 

  • If your flowers arrive in a glass vase - refill the vase with fresh water.

  • If the stems are tied, carefully snip the twine to release your flowers.

  • Re-trim the bottom of each stem at an angle.

  • Remove any leaves that may fall below the water line.

  • Arrange your flowers as desired.

  • Place your flowers away from direct sunlight, radiators and draughts.

  • Replace the water regularly, at least every 2 days, keeping your vase clean.

  • Re-trim your stems each time you change the water.

  • Remove flowers and foliage as they fade.



Forever Flowers: Dried Flower Wreaths

Protecting Your Wreath:

  • Display your wreath indoors

  • Locate your wreath in a dry, damp-free area.

  • Your wreath should not get wet - if it does, components will begin to perish.

  • Position your wreath away from direct sunlight.

  • Dried flowers are very fragile so please handle your wreath with care.

  • Display your wreath away from draughts and in a position where it is unlikely to get knocked.

Maintaining Your Wreath:

  • Your dried flower wreath is designed to be enjoyed in the home as a wall hanging, to adorn an internal door or to be used as a table centrepiece.

  • Dried flowers naturally fade over time but keeping your wreath away from direct sunlight will preserve the vibrancy of your flowers for as long as possible.

  • All my flowers are dried naturally and bound to a grapevine or willow wreath frame with natural twine - there are no wired or glued elements. It is not unusual for small fragments of ingredients to shed when your wreath is handled or moved - this is perfectly normal and could be petals, leaves, grasses, seeds or seed heads. Pick them up. pop them in a little pot and you'll have your very own natural confetti!


 Enjoying Your Wreath:

By taking care of your wreath you will be able to enjoy and celebrate beautiful homegrown British flowers in your home for many years to come.

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